Meet our founder

I am the Lead Cloud Consultant at Embue. I focus on Cloud Sustainability and Cost Optimisation, I work with large businesses and help them save money on their cloud bills (And reduce the impact that their IT has on the environment!)

I am an experienced Cloud & Product consultant with over 7 years experience of leading teams across the public & private sectors in the UK and I've ran several businesses, worked in the UK Civil Service and worked at several start ups.

Over the last decade I've been trusted by businesses to lead on products and services and gone from managing budgets of £200 to programmes worth over £120m.

I am also recognised as a AWS Community Builder due to my work building cloud communities cross-government in the UK over the last 3 years.

I have extensive commercial experience dealing with Cloud Service Providers including AWS, Azure, GCP & UKCloud. In my previous life I was even the business representative for the UK governments largest contract with AWS. (Over £120m!)

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